ENplus pellet certification

ALFA WOOD GROUP Pellet & Briquette Industry is the first Greek Pellet Industry  that was certified according to the European high quality ENPlus standard.



pellet-enplus-grPellet quality according to ENPlus:

The basic qualities of pellets according to ENPlus are A1 and A2.

The A1 quality is the top quality intended for home use in boilers and pellet stoves. A1 pellets produce the least ash possible, thus meeting the highest standards.

The A2 quality is mainly intended for larger installations and produces a little more ash.

Industrial pellets are not called ENPlus but EN-B.

ENPlus certified pellets meet specifications such as density, dust content and ash melting point. The high melting point of the ash is a key feature for the high quality pellets. Other specifications concern the content of heavy metals, etc.

ENplus is a transparent system that allows the identification and tracking of the product through the number indicated on the package.



Quality control according to EN 14778: 2005, EN 14780, EN 14961, CEN / TS 14774, CEN / TS 14775, CEN / TS 14918, CEN / TS 15149-2, CEN / TS 15149, CEN / TS 15150, CEN / TS 15105. Class A1.

 Below you can see the certificates and measurements in A1 and A2 pellets


pistopoiisi pellet, πέλλετ οικονομικά πιστοποιημένα κατηγορία enplus a1 a2 en a1, πιστοποίηση πέλετ.

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